We have diversified clients. We work with both start-up companies and SMEs
​ We are Strategic Facilitators for your growth.
with many years’ of experience in analysis and strategic support. From management to front-line teams, our approach is dynamic, committed and engaging for all stakeholders.
Before defining the final destination you want to reach, it is best to identify your starting point. We support you in developing tangible and executable scenarios not only for international development but also your domestic market.
Strategic diagnostic

Assess the opportunity to grow your business internationally

  • Identification, evaluation and selection of priority North American markets

  • Analysis of products and economic models

  • Cultural differences analysis

  • Internal strategic diagnosis

  • External strategic diagnosis

  • Competitive and regulatory analysis

  • Customer and / or partner interest test

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Rédaction de Business Plan

Business Plan

​ answering the question "What do I want to do?"

  1. Organizational plan

  2. Marketing plan

  3.  Financial plan

Definiting objectives

A strategic plan

 ​ answering the question "How am I going to do it?"

  1. Detailed action plan to achieve the objectives set

  2. An analysis of:

    1. Strengths

    2. Weaknesses

    3. Threats