Strategic facilitator

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Your answer to support your fundraising, your business development, your international expansion in North America and Europe


Our offer

  • The strategic diagnosis

    • Stakeholders

    • Value proposition

    • Strategic approaches

    • Swot and Pestel analysis

    •  Ansoff's matrix

  • Strategic business plan

    • Strategic plan consulting

    • Stategic business plan write-up

    • Strategic alignment

  • Operational Business plan

    • Competitive and regulations intelligence

    • Proof-test of Clients and or partners interest

    • Initial trial sales prior to opening up your local business

  • Our package


Kyalis-Strategy is a network of nearly 4,000 qualified decision-makers based in Canada, Europe and the US.

Implantation -Expansion

​Search for commercial and / or industrial partners

  • Kyalis-Strategy is a network of more than 1500 technology companies and integrators

  • More than 50 Partners (in marketing, recruitment, taxation and Legal matters)

  • R&D (Canadian Federal and Provincial Aid)

  • Tax credit (Canada)

  • BPI France

  • Identify available incentive plans

  • Consult with tax, legal or financial experts

Local support
  • Facilitate the relocation of your employees

  • Undertake your first hires

  • External management of your HR

  • Specific support for your local teams.